You have found a hidden treasure: emotional & engaging Communication.

“I have a vision that through communication we can change the world for the better.”

The Lighting of the Jungfrau, 2012 by the light artist Gerry Hofstetter

Acquire fans of what you do not clients – Image/ positioning
You have a successful company and you would like to be known for the sustainable solutions that you offer and/or for the ways in which you engage with your city or region.

>>Communication tools can enhance others’ understanding of who you are and what you do

Reach different target groups- Sustainable communication concepts
Your company has great products and offers fantastic services, but it seems that only your friends and current clients know about it. You would like to reach beyond this circle of people without investing a massive amount of your resources in marketing.

>>A communication concept with target-orientated measures gives you access to old and new target groups.

Preserve your image – Crisis communication
You have a successful company and great products. One day a fire breaks out. You are overwhelmed by the situation and media headlines are stating that you don’t have the situation under control. Sales figures are beginning to drop.

>>Crisis communication measures prepare your company for crisis situations so that you can take care of the most pressing subjects.

Involve your employees – Internal communication
You have employees in different locations, and would like them to get more involved in the day-to-day running of the company. You would like them to become more emotionally engaged.

>>By making small investments in your internal communications you can transform your employees into ambassadors for your company.

Show your visionary side – Creative workshops
You have a team with great concepts, but everyone doesn’t share the same vision, or creativity is simply not flowing. You would like them to get more active and aligned.

>>Creative workshops will get the team spirit flowing and fuel greater creativity. This is our promise to you!


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